Titan UTV Models

Titan Scout H Series
Titan Scout H4
Starting at only $17,600

    Another ground breaking FIRST from Titan, the Scout H4 features the Hybrid Drive™ System.   Now, you have a powerful choice.  The Scout H4’s muscular 46 HP electric motor can be powered by either the onboard battery system OR the onboard gas-powered 10kw generator.  But rest assured you don't need to turn on a secondary gs motor to run in true 4wd like others on the market...  The Scout H4’s on-board generator will not only power the electric motor in both 2wd & 4wd mode but will also charge the battery pack while driving.   In addition, you can use the generator as a 120/240 volt Single Phase remote power as needed.  Consider the Scout H4 the multi-tool of utility vehicles. 

  • Full Size Chassis (over 61" wide)
  • Over 12" of ground clearance
  • 4wd Electric or 4wd Gas Mode
  • 72 volt battery pack
  • 46 hp AC Induction motor
  • EPS (Electric Power Steering)
  • Plus more features...
Titan Scout E Series
Titan Scout E2 or E4
Starting at only $13,400

    The 2013 Titan Scout E-Series is the industry’s first full-size electric 4x4 UTV.  You choose between 2 person or 4 person facing forward.  There is no reason for your passengers to be facing backward and eating dirt like the other vehicles on the market that want to carry 4 people...  Now with Electronic Power Steering and True Timber Camo pattern..  The powerful 72 volt (12) 6 volt  batteries (largest battery capacity on the market /46 hp AC drivetrain that produces more torque than any on the market will quietly eat up terrain “other” golf cart styled UTVs wouldn’t dare go near.  Titan’s 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes - also an industry first - keep you in full control, mile after mile.  Performance packed, the Scout E-Series is the class-leading, hardest working full-size electric UTV on the planet. 

    With the AC Drivetrain your driving can be tailored to Low (~ 8 mph / High Torque), Medium ((~ 16 mph maximum run time) & High Range (~31 mph / High Torque) (selectable on the dash).

    Standard Features Include:

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • True Timber Camo
  • Full Size Chassis (over 61" wide)
  • 72 volt battery pack (2,700amp hours of capacity)
  • 46 horspeower AC Induction Motor
  • 4 wheel Dual A arm independent suspension
  • Plus more features...
Sniper E4 4x4
Titan Sniper E2
Starting at only $10400

    The Sniper E2 4x4 is a mid-size masterpiece that will quietly eat up the toughest terrain thanks to its powerful 48 volt/ 36 hp AC drivetrain.  Whether at work or play, the 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes - an industry first - keep you in full control, mile after mile.  The Sniper E2 offers incomparable value in a performance-grade mid-size electric UTV.

    Standard Feastures includes:

  • Mid Size Chassis (52" wide)
  • 48 volt battery pack (8) 6 volt batteries
  • 36 horspeower AC drivetrain
  • 4 wheel Dual A arm independent suspension
  • 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • 2 person facing forward cab design
  • Plus more features...
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